Data Security

To ensure security we remove all asset tags, carefully wipe clean all hard drives and/or destroy data storage devices. This secure process is conducted in compliance with RCMP and US D.O.D. standards. We supply the appropriate certificates certifying the removal and/or destruction of data and hardware.

Documentation & Certification

Certificates of destruction and/or recycling as well as Transfer of Title for each serial number can be provided as needed by each client.

Environmental Responsibility

Computers, Printers, Cathode Ray Tube Monitors, Telecommunication and other electronic equipment may contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals, phosphorus, PCBs or acids, all of which are considered toxic and hazardous to human health and the environment.

TechUsed has developed solutions for large or small quantities of electronic wastes. Our recycling programs are designed to allow for safe and economical recycling of these toxic and hazardous materials in compliance with both federal and state regulations. learn more

Mitigation of Liability
The U.S. government and all 50 states have enacted rules and regulations to manage the recycling and disposal of electronic scrap. Failure to comply with these regulations could put you and your company at risk. learn more

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