Reverse Logistics
The concept is called Reverse Logistics, but most people simply call them returns. And all sorts of businesses have come to understand that their work is unfinished until their customers are happy, and the bottom line looks good.

Success Formula
The way toward success in the Reverse Logistics process is through higher visibility of information and close to “real-time” process knowledge. learn more

Above all, keep the process simple and inexpensive for all involved. learn more

Play it Smart
A smart Reverse Logistics system can prevent the cost of processing returns that are not actually the responsibility of the manufacturer and prevent useless transportation before it begins learn more

The bottom line impact can be a huge one. In the U.S. alone, the cost is an annual $100 Billion. So TechUsed has found ways to create real revenue out of sending things back learn more

Broader Markets In addition to Local and Internet sales, TechUsed’s international network of aftermarket buyers allows us to maximize revenue on a broad selection of products.

Call us, we will customize a Reverse Logistics package for you

A Growing number of companies are finding that there’s money to be made by sending things back.

Third Party Logistics Providers see that up to 7% of an enterprise’s gross sales are captured by return costs. This is a staggering figure and part of the answer as to why we offer Reverse Logistics. At TechUsed almost all Reverse Logistics contracts are customized to fit the size and type of company contracting.

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