We ensure your electronics are responsibly recycled and/or de-manufactured to reclaim commodities such as scrap plastics, wire and metals.
We are a Zero landfill company.

Computers, keybords, mice FREE
Laptops, FREE
Servers, Routers, Etc. FREE
Printers, Copiers, Scanners FREE
Home Electronics FREE
Telephones and Equipment FREE
CRT Monitors $5.00 each
Televisions up to 27″ $10.00
Televisions over 27″ $20.00

Drop offs M-F 8:30 till 5:00

614-777-5557 x207

TechUsed Asset Recovery
1663 Watkins Road
Columbus, Ohio 43208

Mitigate Liability With the number of new legislative actions being considered and passed both Federally and State wide, companies can no longer let these idle assets be sold to employees, given to charity or schools, or to let someone in a pick up truck get them off your back dock to “dispose of”. TechUsed can offer programs that will allow for some of these actions to be taken with your assets but only AFTER they are properly processed and the needed Transfer of Titles can be offered.

With the fines associated with some of this legislation reaching
$50,000.00 PER SERIAL NUMBER, we are committed to assuring your liability with each and every asset will be mitigated.

Certificates of destruction and/or recycling as well as Transfer of Title for each serial number can be provided as needed by each client. This documentation will assure mitigation of any liability on our client’s part in the future.

Audit Serial number capturing, asset tag removal and detailed reporting. TechUsed is committed to removing any client information that may be attached to each asset to prevent any liability that otherwise may have occurred if the asset is remarketed and then sometime in the future shows up in a landfill.

Data Security
To ensure security we remove all asset tags, carefully wipe clean all hard drives and/or destroy data storage devices. This secure process is conducted in compliance with RCMP and US D.O.D. standards.

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